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We are just getting underway so more page updates to come soon.

Shift Church is a church service for men and women whose work schedule consistently or occasionally prevents them from attending regular Sunday morning services. In Southeast Texas, this usually means the following types of workers:

  • Process Operators at refineries and chemical plants
  • Contractors from third party companies that support the refineries
  • Nurses, radiological techs, doctors, and other medical jobs related to hospitals and emergency clinics
  • Police, fire, and rescue officers
  • Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs)
  • Service industry employees, such as waiters or waitresses, who work morning shifts on Sunday
  • And many others…

The church service is usually about an hour, from 3 pm to 4 pm, every Sunday in the Fellowship Hall at First Baptist Church in Nederland. We will post any changes in times or locations to our Shift Church Facebook page.

At the service, we gather and enjoy fellowship, prayer, and encouragement through studying the Scriptures and sharing each other’s lives together. Coffee and snacks are provided.

Come and find out what Shift Church is all about! Stay tuned for more changes to our page and visit our Facebook page to stay connected!

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