Why Disciple SHIFT?

Consider these people:

  • A local refinery worker, on a rotating 12-hour shift schedule, just wishes that he could consistently experience Sunday worship with his church family one day. He even feels that the 12-hour shifts are “working” him instead, and his personal Bible and prayer time is fading fast.

  • A nurse, stuck on the night shift due to seniority, eagerly wants to join a women’s Bible study group but can’t find one that meets when she can meet. As well, after sharing her faith and the Gospel with a coworker she usually only sees at shift change, she is having a difficult time with their competing schedules trying to setup a deeper discussion out of work.

  • A police officer, called out on overtime, hast to miss (again!) the discipleship study that he joined and is starting to feel he is letting down his fellow group members. Plus, he has wanted to minister to his wife and kids more but doesn’t know how to find time since he is always getting called out to work.

  • A waitress, constantly working the weekend lunch shift, feels isolated, distant, and not-at-all connected to her church family, even though she usually serves the “church crowd” on her Sunday shift.

  • A wife, who just learned that her husband will be stuck on the night shift for a 2-month maintenance turnaround, truly thought that an upcoming Christian couples retreat would help strengthen their marriage spiritually and introduce her husband to more Christian men. Now they have to miss the retreat.

What seems to be the common problem…?

When living in a shift worker culture, as we do in Southeast Texas, the problem scenarios listed above are commonplace yet disheartening. Shift work can isolate us, disrupt our lives, and undermine our efforts to walk our Christian faith.

The problem isn’t necessarily the work itself but the effects shift work can have on a person. Shift workers uniquely experience rhythms (or lack thereof) and time constraints that ripple through their spiritual, physical, and familial lives.

The effects can be overwhelming.  Shift work can be a “prison.” Not a normal prison, in which the prisoner is trapped inside. A more subtle “prison,” that has you always on the opposite side of every else. Off when others are working; working when other are off.

Not only does it affect the actual shift worker, but it can have a profound impact on the spouse, children, friends, family, coworkers, and even strangers too!

The question then seems to be: “How does a Christian fit a ‘shift work’ peg into a “9-to-5, Monday thru Friday” hole?

Enter Disciple SHIFT

The purpose of Disciple SHIFT is to encourage, equip, and connect the Christian shift worker community in Southeast Texas in order to overcome the negative effects that non-traditional work schedules have on our faith and families.

like-us-on-facebook-buttonStarting off, we plan to post content regularly on our Facebook page.  We hope that our Disciple SHIFT Facebook page simultaneously connects and provides shift workers with relevant devotional, inspirational, and informational resources.

We will also send out weekly emails.  You can sign up for the email list here.


We hope and pray that through this endeavor, relationships will be strengthened, disciples will be made, and the Gospel will be shared!

As we grow in numbers, we intend to hold fellowships and events in order to facilitate and strengthen relationships amongst our community.

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